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Re: F16+ stage2 vs. network setup and driver discs


> Whatever we can move in to dracut modules will help us in the long
> run.
> If driver disk support can be entirely implemented as a dracut module,
> I say that's a win.

Well if I can somehow put librpm/libarchive extraction code and blkid based hw detection there, I'd say it is possible. It would very probably still have to stay coded in C for space (no Python..) and complexity (no Bash..) reasons.

> dracut does support network configuration.

We can do lot of stuff with network, but I suppose Dracut should support all the network booting magic anyways, because it's Dracut who handles that after install reboots.

> I think the more we can eliminate the interactive steps in loader, the
> better we will be. So for each thing we need to implement in the new
> two image system, we should seriously consider whether or not it needs
> to be interactive. If it does, would dracut still be sufficient.

I agree, we might still need some simple QA system there though as we need two (very simple) selection dialogs in DD code.


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