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Re: [rhel6-branch] Copy /etc/multipath/wwids to the sysimage.

> I sent a new patch where the function only takes root_path as you
> suggest. As for the default value: currently there is the
> 'anaconda.rootPath'. The existence of this variable would seem to
> suggest that it can point anywhere though in practice we know it is
> always '/mnt/sysimage' now. So the correct thing to do would be
> removing anaconda.rootPath and have a constant somewhere instead and
> then the default value of the new parameter would be this constant
> (or better: the method would take no parameters). But using
> '/mnt/sysimage' as the default denies the existence of
> anaconda.rootPath and treats it as a constant already.

In fact, rootPath hasn't really meant anything since I committed
9581135046aa223a9374b3d0fd19eba3d46051b3, which was a very long time
ago.  So, I'd support something along the lines you're proposing.

> (I also have this radical opinion that the anaconda object should be
> a singleton so we can stop passing it around all the time.)

Yeah, that's a great idea.  We definitely need to stop passing it
around.  I think at the time we made the Anaconda object and put things
in the state they are today, we just saw it as a temporary step.
Before, we were either passing instdata around everywhere, or functions
had a bazillion arguments but never the ones we needed.  I don't think
it was ever intended to last this long.

Though, I wouldn't spend too much time on that right now.  It's probably
worth seeing what comes out of the UI rewrite first.

- Chris

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