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Re: how to custom task

2011/8/23 Chris Lumens <clumens redhat com>
> I doesn't work.
> I installed this custom anaconda on my build system and copied it in
> Packages dir

The step you're missing is that you need to make the updated anaconda
files part of the install.img or whatever other boot media you've got.
Rebuilding anaconda and putting it in the packages directory doesn't do
anything, unless you really want to install a new anaconda package.  You
likely don't want to do that.
I don't think so,
I checked file usr/lib/anaconda/installclasses/rhel.py in install.img (using mount -t squashfs)
what I modified are there. Why it dosen‘t work ?
And can you answer the other two question ? Thank U very much
The easiest way would be to make an updates image containing your
changed files:


- Chris

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