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Re: anaconda.rootPath -> pyanaconda.constants.ROOT_PATH

On 08/18/2011 09:51 PM, Chris Lumens wrote:
We discussed getting rid of this 'constant variable' in

This is my first attempt, separated into three patches to make it clear
what is the mechanical rewrite and where something has been done. I will
probably squash those three before pushing if noone objects.

I plan pushing this after F16 is branched.

You alluded to this in patch #2, but I didn't see a real answer.  Are
you able to completely remove anaconda as a parameter to functions now?
Even better, can you keep going up a level and removing anaconda as a
parameter to functions that only required it to in turn pass

- Chris

I removed many unnecessary instances of instRoot passing, to keep the changes more transparent I separated them into patches per file where the function is defined. It is a lot of boring patches so I uploaded them to github:


If you'll want to extensively comment (I don't expect it) let me know and I'll send the patches to the list. I plan to merge them all in one or two patches before pushing.

Also unfortunately it turned out there is only very few instances where 'anaconda' can be removed: this is also because many times 'anaconda' is in the argument list of a callback (like the functions dispatcher dispatches to), or of a derived class which doesn't make use of it.


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