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Re: [PATCH f16 beta NTH?] Default to an active network device after reboot on Fedora (ONBOOT) (#498207)

On 08/24/2011 04:29 PM, Chris Lumens wrote:
Why do you only want to do this in Fedora?

So that we can notice/recall later when forking next rhel
that default for rhel 6 is different. Another question
is whether to change the default this way for rhel as well,
I'd be careful here. I have no strong opinion about what the default
in rhel should be but I'm inclined to current behaviour.

Now the default for rhel 6 is ONBOOT=yes only for devices
activated during install. It differs from rhel 5. Why? In rhel 5
we used to have network config screen with a device preconfigured
to be activated after reboot, so the user kind of
acknowledged/confirmed it by going "Next". Now with nm-c-e
the device that would be autoactivated after boot by default
is not presented this way [1]. Also, checking "Connect Automatically"
in nm-c-e has a side-effect of activating the device (unlike
the corresponding choice in rhel5 network configuration screen)

I don't suppose the these different code paths for rhel/fedora
will be preserved in next rhel with UI redesign as the network
activation/configuration code will change a lot I think,
so it is just to fix the rather wanted bz for couple of Fedora
releases before new UI comes and to record in the code that
rhel behaves differently.

[1] I proposed a patch that would present this choice together
with some other options some time ago but it was not acked.
It may be also something to consider for anaconda part of network
configuration UI.

diff --git a/pyanaconda/installclass.py b/pyanaconda/installclass.py
index 4c599d1..576481f 100644
--- a/pyanaconda/installclass.py
+++ b/pyanaconda/installclass.py
@@ -211,6 +211,9 @@ class BaseInstallClass(object):

          return self.productMatches(oldprod) and self.versionMatches(oldver) and archesEq(arch, productArch)

+    def setNetworkOnbootDefault(self, network):
+        """Default for autoactivation of network devices after reboot"""
      def __init__(self):

This is okay as far as Python goes, but it looks weird to me.  Can you
toss a "pass" into setNetworkOnbootDefault?

I've no problem using pass instead of the (not very enlightening)
docstring. It's just a practice (we don't use) to use docstring
instead of pass. Although it is not consistent with what we are doing
in installclass.py, I did it because I made this version after
Brian's review and I recalled (I could have been wrong) that he had
been talking about it on anaconda-devel-list or IRC
so I wanted to curry favour by that.


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