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Question about Anaconda graphics for F16


So for the past couple of releases or so the Anaconda GUI (and Firstboot
as well, I'm pretty sure) display at full screen size rather than stay
limited to 800x600 px as they used to be.

The gradient banner at the top of Anaconda looks odd because of this;
it's not long enough to cover the full width of the window. Firstboot at
least stretches out the left banner it has although this looks a bit
pixelated (at least when I'm running it in debug mode now it does. :) )

I am wondering what options are possible then to get Anaconda's banner
looking nice for F16. I poked around the anaconda.glade file; I think we
have a couple of options but I'm not sure how to do one of them:

OPTION #1: no gradient, left-align Fedora logo

  This would basically look the same as it did pre-full screen mode, but
without the gradient. The glade file would have to be changed; the 'X
Align' value on the image in the glade file should be changed from 0.5
to 0, and the 'X Pad' value should be set to something like '10'. 

OPTION #2: keep the gradient, but stretch it full screen.
  I don't know how to do this, but I know it's possible... create a
container 105 px tall, and set the gradient as its background image with
'repeat' set. Then, place the Fedora logo in that container, aligned as
explained above.

I found some references to setting a widget/container background image
in GTK+ here:

What do you think?


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