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Re: Question about Anaconda graphics for F16


  Martin Gracik

----- Original Message -----
> Hi,
> So for the past couple of releases or so the Anaconda GUI (and
> Firstboot
> as well, I'm pretty sure) display at full screen size rather than stay
> limited to 800x600 px as they used to be.
> The gradient banner at the top of Anaconda looks odd because of this;
> it's not long enough to cover the full width of the window. Firstboot
> at
> least stretches out the left banner it has although this looks a bit
> pixelated (at least when I'm running it in debug mode now it does. :)
> )
> I am wondering what options are possible then to get Anaconda's banner
> looking nice for F16. I poked around the anaconda.glade file; I think
> we
> have a couple of options but I'm not sure how to do one of them:
> OPTION #1: no gradient, left-align Fedora logo
> This would basically look the same as it did pre-full screen mode, but
> without the gradient. The glade file would have to be changed; the 'X
> Align' value on the image in the glade file should be changed from 0.5
> to 0, and the 'X Pad' value should be set to something like '10'.
> OPTION #2: keep the gradient, but stretch it full screen.
> I don't know how to do this, but I know it's possible... create a
> container 105 px tall, and set the gradient as its background image
> with
> 'repeat' set. Then, place the Fedora logo in that container, aligned
> as
> explained above.
> I found some references to setting a widget/container background image
> in GTK+ here:
> http://mail.gnome.org/archives/gtk-list/2007-April/msg00045.html
> http://www.scribd.com/doc/45906237/Pygtk2-Tut
> What do you think?

There's an OPTION #3:

Don't make the window fullscreen. Remove the logo from the window.
Show a different background image (wallpaper) with logo (or whatever) for each release.

> ~m
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