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lorax-treebuilder and f16 images

So! I made a Feature-styled wiki pagelet to keep track of the plans for
the treebuilder branch of lorax:


Build/test instructions will be updated soonish, but there's a link to
my draft build instructions there. I'll also be writing documentation on
the template language in the near future.

The important thing is this: I'd like to get us using treebuilder to
build rawhide images ASAP - that means merging treebuilder into master.
Is everyone OK with this?

And that leads to a second question: what do we do for F16? I don't feel
like treebuilder is ready for F16 yet, but the squashfs/dracut-based
implementation in lorax's f16-branch is.. immature, and very different
from the treebuilder one. So, should we:

a) rush treebuilder for F16,
b) keep lorax/anaconda images as-is for F16, even though we'll be
changing it again in F17, or
c) revert the squashfs stuff in f16-branch and build f15-style images
again for F16?


(note: I'll be on PTO until the end of the week, and Monday is Labor Day
in the US, so I might not respond to this thread until Tuesday the

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