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/mnt/source vs /mnt/stage2

Hi all,

I updated anaconda code 11 to 13 and I am seeing some issue at the time installation, I able to build ISO using spin-kickstarts and revisor  without any problem but when run installation failed to find repodata (/mnt/source/repodata)

When I see the code, actually we are mounting cdrom to "/mnt/stage2" in C where in old code it was "/mnt/source" but python code still looks for "/mnt/source" and fail to find mounted ISO, even some point we are un-mounting  /mnt/stage2

Question: Is I am missing something, is there any new pre-requirement for update code or any kind of config file required? 

Fix : I don't know is this correct way to do, but works for me :)

I have changed the python code to look for mount point at "/mnt/stage2" and commented un-mounting part 

        isys.lochangefd("/dev/loop0", self._loopbackFile)
        # if we un-mount here, installation will fail, this mount point for package source
        #if os.path.ismount("/mnt/stage2"):
        #    isys.umount("/mnt/stage2")

        # Where is the source media mounted?  This is the directory
        # where Packages/ is located.
        self.tree = "/mnt/stage2"

def find_iscsi_files():
    global ISCSID
    if ISCSID == "":
        for dir in ("/usr/sbin", "/tmp/updates", "/mnt/stage2/RHupdates"):

Thanks for the help

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