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Updated UI mockup for install sources

Chris made the UI for the install source screen today, but we talked
through it and I think came up with a better design. It looked like this


But 'Local disk' can mean a lot of things and is a bit ambiguous. You
could pick an ISO file there, optical media, a USB key, etc. 

So we redesigned it a bit, talking it thru it and whiteboarding it. This
is what we came up with:


I think in most cases, folks are going to be using the DVD or using a
network tree to install. If they are using the DVD, they will most
likely want to just use it to continue and not just as boot media, so
the DVD they're running would be pre-selected in the 'auto-detected
install media' section.

Honestly, probably in 99.9% of cases, there will only be one
auto-detected source in that section, but there will probably be someone
somewhere who will want their system with 20 optical drives and 40 USB
keys all with Fedora images hooked up to it to operate, so I thought
this type of display would be flexible in the cases of multiple
auto-detected sources (just expand its size / scroll to accommodate all
the source icons), but would also be a reasonable way of displaying a
single install source without requiring switching the widget type based
on the quantity (eg, if == 1 use a label widget, if > 1 use a dropdown

Next is the ISO choice. Here we just explicitly offer, if you want to
use an ISO file, tell us where it is. If you don't know what an ISO file
is you can stick to auto-detected and you'll be fine.

Next, on the network. (Actually NFS mount options will be hidden unless
you select that one.) I think maybe if you booted off the network to get
here, the url you used, if it has an install tree, should be pre-filled
here. (Is that possible?) If not, maybe we could pre-fill this in with
the magic mirror manager URL. Alternatively, in the dropdown that lists
out protocols, maybe one of the items could be "closest Fedora mirror"
and the URL text field would be greyed out.

I changed the text for the checkbox under updates too, it's in the first
screenshot above.

Does this make sense?


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