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Re: Anaconda UI rewrite + AutoQA

> - use standard GTK widgets, not custom ones

Too late, there's already some custom widgets.  I guess I'll have to
look into what I can do.

> - make sure everything is accessible via dogtail

We used to have some sort of dogtail support in anaconda, but as much as
I asked I never heard back that anyone was using it, nor that anyone had
really ever tried to use it.  So I removed it.

> - make sure anaconda can be run in "application mode", e.g. it can be
> started and tested in a common desktop environment

This I need to put some work into.  The main anaconda file is in pretty
terrible shape as far as this is concerned, but the UI code started out
standalone.  I should be able to make a driver for it that'll pass in a
dummy devicetree and install class (or, perhaps I can pass real ones it
- since the first half of the UI won't make any permanent changes).

- Chris

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