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Re: Updated UI mockup for install sources

> Next, on the network. (Actually NFS mount options will be hidden unless
> you select that one.) I think maybe if you booted off the network to get
> here, the url you used, if it has an install tree, should be pre-filled
> here. (Is that possible?) If not, maybe we could pre-fill this in with
> the magic mirror manager URL. Alternatively, in the dropdown that lists
> out protocols, maybe one of the items could be "closest Fedora mirror"
> and the URL text field would be greyed out.

If you booted with the repo= command line parameter, we should be able
to populate the appropriate space in the dialog.  I'll have to make sure
that happens.  Otherwise, yes I should be able to put the mirror URL in,
though I'm not sure how to do that quite yet.

> Does this make sense?

This looks exactly what you and I talked about, so yeah it makes sense
to me.  I suppose other people might have comments.

- Chris

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