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Re: [f16-branch] Patches for serial/virt console handling (f16ppc beta blockers)

> These patches are mostly intended to fix some problems with text console
> handling on ppc64 systems with virtual console (hvc0 and the like).
> In fact, that's why these are F16 patches - the PPC secondary-arch team
> is working on their beta release and these patches fix at least two beta
> blockers. These patches have been tested and confirmed to work - at least
> on ppc64.

ACK to the whole pile.

> A side note: The plan for F17 (or F18) is basically to just kill as much
> of this code as possible and use /dev/console. If you want your console on
> ttyS0, say 'console=ttyS0'. (Or, since tradition allows it, 'serial'.)
> If your only console is /dev/hvc0 and the kernel isn't sending its output
> there, that should be fixed in the kernel, not papered over by anaconda.
> It's not our job to work around kernel bugs if we can fix them at the
> source instead.

Yeah, that sounds like a fine plan.

- Chris

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