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Re: Languages, translations, locales, timezones, keyboard layouts and the lang-table

Martin Gracik (mgracik redhat com) said: 
> > It's essentially the short form of the locale. But I don't think we
> > use
> > it for anything any more. *However*, if we're setting languages for
> > the transaction/langpack plugin, we need to (for example) set both
> > 'cs_CZ' and 'cs' as allowed langauges.
> For this it should be enough to just have the "cs_CZ" string, and if needed expand it to "cs_CZ" and "cs", we don't need to take it from any database, right?

AFAIK, yes. My initial statement was incorrect, now that I think about
it - the langpack plugin itself will search for 'cs' langpacks if the
language is cs_CZ.

> > > Another problem is the 3rd column "text mode supported". Any ideas
> > > how
> > > we can get rid of this information from the lang-table?
> > 
> > Drop text mode! (You knew that was coming.)
> > 
> > The algorithm you want to use for supporting text mode is
> > essentially:
> > 
> > - Is it a Latin or Cyrillic script -> yes
> > - Otherwise -> no
> How can I know if a locale is latin/cyrillic or not?

The requirement is essentially 'what glyphs are in the console font' +
'blacklist Arabic & Hebrew b/c they're RTL'.

fontconfig includes language orthography tables (see fc-lang directory in
the source), so it certainly could be possible to run a mapping of the
console font against those to determine what languages are displayable.
Don't know if the data is available at run-time.


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