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Re: Proposal to move install classes info to repository

> The obvious problem there is that you *have* a kernel selection algorithm.
> Let's just remove that. (Serious here - there is only kernel, and it works
> where it works - it's not like we're backporting this to older releases
> where we didn't have pv_ops.)

In Fedora right now, it looks like we only have kernel vs. kernel-PAE on
i686.  I don't remember whether or not we're going to continue doing
i686.  If not, then yeah we should definitely kill this code.

> Right. We may not *have* the concept of optional packages in F17+, after
> all (that part of anaconda is going away, so what do they serve?)

We've been discussing not having an optional package selection UI in
anaconda, and relegating this to a kickstart-only thing.  Of course if
you are doing install classes via kickstart, then you still have the
ability to enable optional packages.  However, at that point they really
become default packages since you've got nowhere to disable them.

> 1. define tasks (groups of groups, can be selected in the UI)
> 2. set some boring metadata strings for the UI
> 3. skip steps we don't want to show
> 4. set some random configuration parameters (bootloader args? wtf?)
> 5. set the installer backend
> 6. set the upgrade match list
> Now, it's entirely possible that with what you're talking about, we split
> some of these functions off into different areas. For example, I have no
> idea how we do #3 or #4 in the new anaconda UI world, even with what you're
> proposing.

There will be no concept named "steps" in the new UI.  It should be
possible to remove spokes via an updates image that just toggles the
showable property.

Random configuration parameters - no ideas yet.

Tasks - we're not really going to have a concept of tasks, though what
we'll do instead is still a bit up in the air.  At least, I don't
remember much about this given that the majority of our effort has been
spent designing a storage UI.  Since I am currently working on the
Install Source spoke, I'll likely turn my attention to Software
Selection next.

> All spins except the weird, bastardized, 'Fedora' spin are live images,
> not repositories. Chris had mentioned an idea of 'fixing' the
> infrastructure so that it would be easier in anaconda to select a spin and
> get the right thing, even if you're installing from the network repo.

I don't remember this, but that's not at all surprising.

- Chris

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