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Re: Languages, translations, locales, timezones, keyboard layouts and the lang-table


we still have to support serial consoles, but if I am not mistaken, we need only vt100 and ansi for that as the terminals do not support anything fancy. So we should be ok with latin/cyrilic defaults and english locale.

One question remains to be asked: How will we treat /set/sysconfig/keyboard in the installed system? If somebody installs minimal install and ends up in console login prompt, he should be able to type his password.. (which was created in gui with the country specific keyboard). Can s-c-kbd take care of this?


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> > Another problem is the 3rd column "text mode supported". Any ideas
> > how
> > we can get rid of this information from the lang-table?
> I wouldn't let this hold you up.  We've already started telling
> people
> it's unlikely we'll have any kind of text mode in F17 or F18
> (whichever
> this new UI stuff first appears in), so you've got some time to
> figure
> it out.
> At the least, David's suggestion of keeping a list of locales that do
> not work in text mode is decent.  That would only change on the very
> rare occassion that we add another language.
> - Chris
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