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Re: Fedora's minimum RAM Vs Anaconda

On 12/07/2011 06:48 AM, Danishka Navin wrote:
> I have build a Fedora remix as a LiveDVD and now I want to do the same as an installation DVD.
> Can we use costume boot flash, changed logos on anaconda, adding of rpmfusion packages by default?

lorax treebuilder changes most of the syntax for putting some "stuff"
[things which are not visible as Packages/*.rpm in the resulting DVD]
into an install image, but in theory it is as least as good or better
than the old buildinstall machinery.  If it was done before lorax,
then it should be possible now.

> i have added several packages which not exists in fedora repos.

Just like before:  [https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=748663#c5]
* Put the updated packages you want in a directory.
* Run 'createrepo' on that directory.
* Add an appropriate 'repo' line to your kickstart. For example:
    repo --name=localrepo --baseurl=file:///[path to repo] --cost=1

> I want to add selected language-support by default like we can see printing services added by default

Nothing has changed with regard to kickstart descriptions of installed packages.


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