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BTRFS support

Patches 1-3 are cleanups I needed to get work done. The rest are
to add support for creating and using btrfs volumes and subvolumes.

There is no support in this patch set (nor planned for the current
UI) for interactive editing/creating of btrfs volumes or subvolumes,
nor is there any way to enable btrfs autopart. The accompanying
kickstart patch to add the btrfs command provides fairly complete
btrfs functionality and I am still working on a new option to the
autopart kickstart command to allow users to specify one of three
autopart flavors: plain, lvm, or btrfs.

The btrfs autopart is similar to the lvm autopart: separate partitions
for swap and /boot, btrfs partition on each disk combined into a single
volume with subvolumes for root and, if there's enough space, /home.
The main volume does not get mounted at all. This provides a setup
something like having separate LVs for root and home. It currently
has /boot as ext4, but I'd be happy to switch that to btrfs if people
want me to.

Lots of additions here, but this is a filesystem that acts like both
a filesystem and a device type without actually providing a device
node for the device-like behaviors. So much for layering.

I've been working on these for way too long now. They are still only
only tested with some basic kickstart configurations and non-kickstart
autopart, but are looking good in my testing.

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