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Re: [LORAX 0/6] Add livemedia-creator to lorax

On Wed, Nov 16, 2011 at 8:56 PM, Brian C. Lane <bcl redhat com> wrote:

> The wait is over. I think this stuff is now in good enough shape for
> others to start using it and providing feedback. The README.livemedia-creator
> file attempts to document things, or failing that, read the source :)

Sorry for not seeing this until Will's message today, I just realized
I'm replying to stale mail - oh well :)

We have desires to use this at $DAYJOB for doing many things, and I'd
like to know if it's in good enough shape to even POC right now.

First, we want to do as the name suggests, and create a RHEL6
livemedia distro. This is quite obviously unsupported, but the need
(for various use cases) is real - and in reality, if it blows up. it's
a live distro, so it doesn't matter :). What I'm specifically
wondering is if this requires specific hooks into anaconda, or if it
will work with the anaconda in RHEL6 (we'd probably be looking at 6.2
at this point). If it won't work today, what are the chances of
getting the plumbing into 6.3 (or 6.4 for that matter) or is it too
invasive? From reading the README.livemedia-creator, it doesn't look
like anything special is required of anaconda - if I'm reading this
correctly, it boots whatever anaconda you give it in --iso and runs it
in KVM.

We have a few other use cases relating to internal cloud, but I'd
rather not discuss them on a public list :)

But we'll certainly be kicking the tires on the livemedia part pretty
quick - it looks awesome!

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