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Re: install on drbd device

> I am working on a project to install CentOS 5.5 on a drbd device.
> Anaconda does not want to recognize /dev/drbd0 as a valid block
> device and only displays my hard-drive.  I was wondering if there is
> already I way to get this to work, or do I need to build a drbd
> module for anaconda using lets say the iscsi module as a base.  If
> other peoples would be interested in this feature, it could be worth
> the effort to get this to work.
> I am interested on toughts and comment on the matter.

What's a drbd device?

There are various places in anaconda where we have lists of kinds of
devices we recognize.  Try searching the source for "cciss" to see where
you might need to make code changes.  You may also need to add the
driver to a list in loader.

This is all rhel5 specific, of course.  The master branch is completely

- Chris

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