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ACPI _PLD and system devices


Since you folks have been brainstorming about future graphical stuff in
the installer software, I'd like to draw attention to a nifty thing in
the latest versions of the ACPI spec. There is support for _PLD "Device
Identification Objects" (page 199 of the 4.0a spec onwards) that allows
a system vendor to describe the location of a slot on the system chassis
in terms of relative position within a specified panel (top, bottom,
front, left, right, rear, etc.), the shape of the connector, its color,
and other vendor identifying information.

I'm not sure how many systems actually provide this today, but in the
future, I could see us doing some nice things:

* Point out exactly where we think a network port is for a given
configuration, on a little box diagram of the system. Not only do you
get the device named nicely, but also show the user where it is, too.

* Point out where the audio connectors for a given system are (no
confusion about which connector is input/output).

There are more applications. I just thought I'd let you know about these
possibilities, since I quite enjoy them.


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