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Network: port of rhel patches to master

This is port of what have been done in rhel 6.1.  I am sending it for
review because changes in kickstart made the port not so straightforward,
and also to sum up the changes of networking on master.

It is all tested with F15 Alpha TC2, It would be nice to have the
changes already in F15 but there is no haste I guess. I think I need to
wait for F16 classes in pykickstart to adapt its part of patches
before pushing, right Chris?

The major changes on master are:

* kickstart network --activate option was added
  (activates devices, also additional, in loader)

* reactivation of device in kickstart was restored
  (as in rhel, in master it was removed probably with
  commit 1980e9d377aa6089ae96740cd85593ec18d5344d)

* network is not activated automatically if in case
  of non-network install (as in rhel, in master changed with
  commit 9767cb5fce174e8fcf28d06ad6f48384129a7cd4)
  Now --activate option can be used conveniently
  to activate the device in non-network installs.

Details are here:

As for documentation, I suppose the wiki should reflect last release
(not rawhide), right?  I want to update it soon. Also to look at Fedora
Installation Guide (I've already sent update to RHEL Installation
Guide https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=679104).


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