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Re: Draft proposal for using full anaconda as the default Fedora download

On 01/23/2011 05:53 PM, Máirín Duffy wrote:
> On Mon, 2011-01-24 at 00:19 +0000, John Reiser wrote:

>> Today I built a DVD with no excluded languages: 3.8GB total DVD size,
>> 3150 packages.  Graphical Desktop installed the same 1207 packages
>> as before: total 3.4GB on ext4, taking the same elapsed time of 22 minutes.
> These are really fantastic data points, thanks for doing this. I was
> wondering if you could try the live desktop cd too, just as a point of
> comparison, on the same hardware? I really hope DVD is as fast...

Finally, a Fedora 15 Live spin that installs: the 22-Feb-2011 edition of
I burned the 570MB to DVD+RW.

clock  stage
-----  ------
00:00  Install to harddrive...
02:15  Copying from 4X DVD+RW to harddrive
05:02  Checking copied [installed] filesystem
06:55  Congratulations!  [done]      1097 packages occupying 2.56GB of ext4;
                                     9.14MB/s average over 280 seconds

That's on 2.0GHz Athlon64 to ext4 on SATA 3.0Gbit/s.
memtest86+-4.10 reports
   L1     64K   15705 MB/s
   L2    512K    3888 MB/s
   mem  3328M    1819 MB/s   DDR1 128-bit

On newer hardware the General Desktop install from DVD is 09:08 (mm:ss).
That's on 3.0GHz Core2 Duo E8400
memtest86+-4.10 reports
   L1     32K   42249 MB/s
   L2   6144K   19606 MB/s
   mem  8191M    4444 MB/s   DDR2 128-bit

On a newer AMD box, General Desktop install from DVD is 09:32 (mm:ss).
That's on 3.2GHz PhenomII x2
memtest86+-4.10 reports
   L1     64K   52695 MB/s
   L2    512K   17007 MB/s
   L3   6144K    9236 MB/s
   mem  4095M    3652 MB/s   DDR2 128-bit


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