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[PATCH rhel6-branch] network: using more than one NICs (iSCSI) (#638131, #634016)

With the patch, anaconda should be able to fetch repositories via one
NIC while accessing iSCSI via different NIC (#638131).

These things were needed:

1) Activate more than one device in loader using ks -> changes
   in loader and --activate option is added to kickstart network
   command so that former behaviour (only configuring additional
   devices from ks) is preserved.
2) Support for network --bootproto ibft is added into loader.
   (in scope of the bug still writing out values which we read
   from ibft in anaconda into ifcfg files, see 4)).
   In stage 2 ks - where only device configuration (not activation)
   can happen in case the device was not activated with --activate
   option in loader - the option would be supported automatically
   when we start to write out BOOTPROTO=ibft in loader (see 4) below)
3) way to prevent device activated using ks to grab default route ->
   --nodefroute option is added (setting DEFROUTE=no in ifcfg file)
4) Use BOOTROOTO=ibft in ifcfg files (#634016), write out
   ip=ibft for dracut. This requires one NM fix:

This anaconda/kickstart part assumes that:
- BOOTPROTO=ibft works fine in NM:
  https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=479824. It did in
  my tests in installer environment, except for the issue mentioned
  in 4). I was not able to test post install behavior as I couldn't
  get over dracut.
- ip=ibft works in dracut:
  My tests with rhel6 nightly of Dec 20 didn't work. I'll investigate

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