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Anaconda UX redesign / status update

Hi folks!

We've been ramping back up on the UI redesign discussions for Anaconda
that we'd originally had in Tempe back in January [1, 2] over the past
2-3 weeks so I wanted to:

* Provide some status on how that's going so far 

* Introduce you to the designers involved

* Outline a design approach for to continuing to move forward

* Kindly ask for your feedback :)

It´s organized into smaller chunks hopefully for better readability:


First, there are a couple of places the designers working on this are
going to be posting stuff:

- WIKI PAGE https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Anaconda/UX_Redesign  This is
the main UX redesign wiki page, which is a bit messy at the moment but
I'm hoping over time we'll get it in order.

- DESIGN REPO http://linuxgrrl.com/fedora-ux/Projects/Anaconda/ This is
a shared file space Joseph, Owen, and I are using to collaborate on
mockups (via Sparkleshare). Mockups will land here first,  before we
use them to put together spec documents (like this one [3]) If you'd
like to use git to pull it down, you can clone:


(let me know if you want commit access. I'll need your FAS username.)


Secondly, the approach we're looking at is to swap Anaconda's current
wizard-style, linear screen-by-screen interface with a hub-and-spoke
model. (a lot of mobile devices have hub and spoke style settings
interfaces, more info on the model at [4]).
Here is the latest hub-and-spoke mockup - consider the storage portion
pretty much not started yet:

The kind of feedback that would be helpful, looking at this mockup:

- Do you think the hub & spoke model could work?

- Are there additional screens we'd need before we display the hub? (So
far in IRC we've come up with potentially adding a language selection
screen as the very first screen)

- What key features that happen pre-install do we need here? 
  (so far, I think it's install vs upgrade, all the storage stuff.... and ?)

- Anything else you can think of, honestly. 


Thirdly, these are some notes distilled from the various
discussions/brainstorms we´ve had in IRC over the past week+ - if you
have time please read through it and sanity-check, and add anything
else you can think of:


(note: this morning's IRC discussion isn't in that yet)


I´m serving as the lead designer of the project, with some help from 
other Fedora design team members:

- Joseph Reni (gejoreni on IRC), who is putting together a user
research plan for both an informal study interviewing users and 
a more formal one sitting in front of a system running through 
an actual install.

- Owen Coutts (ocoutts on IRC) who is going to be working with me on the
mockups and developing user stories.

- Elad Alfassa (elad661 on IRC) who is a member of the websites team and a
Hebrew translator for Fedora; he´s been reviewing the mockups from a
localization POV as well as helping with the storage section. 

This is a huge project and I think a lot of issues and edge cases will
come up as we least expect it; that being said a good approach in
continuing to move forward that I would like to propose is:

- Myself, Owen, Elad, and Joseph as he has time/interest will continue
building out a full set of screens in the hub and spoke design. The
latest is here:

- As we run into issues/questions or need feedback on our mockups,
we´ll pop into #anaconda for discussion/brainstorm.

- As discussions / brainstorms happen in IRC and here on-list, I´ll try
my best to distill them into notes that will be added to
https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Anaconda/UX_Redesign/Discussion so we
don´t lose any of the decisions we make / rationale discussed (and I'll
save the IRC logs to the 'Notes' directory in the repo)

- Once we have a complete set of mockups, the set will be marked draft
1 and we'll start writing up a spec / design document for it (again,
like was done for the storage UI mockups [3]).

- Joseph will continue working on a user research plan and as his data
comes in all of us can pull it in and apply it to our latest designs.

- As necessary, we'll compare the list of user complaints gathered on
the main Anaconda UX Redesign wiki page, potentially also going through
Bugzilla, to make sure the mockups cover or at least have a story for
the user issues, noting issues we still need to work on

- As necessary, we'll also print out the mockups and do additional user

testing on them (likely using a paper cutout method [5]), noting identified issues

- As necessary, we'll also blog the mockups & design process to get
additional feedback.

- As we address issues uncovered in user testing and user complaint review,
we'll release additional drafts of the mockup set. Based on the storage 
mockups process we may hit 6 or 7 drafts.

This is a lot of text, if you made it this far - congratulations! Let me
know if any of this doesn't make sense.




[3] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Design/AnacondaStorageUI

[4] http://www.time-tripper.com/uipatterns/Hub_and_Spoke

[5] http://mairin.wordpress.com/2010/03/29/mockups-in-your-hand-authconfig-test-day-tomorrow/

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