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Re: Anaconda UX redesign / status update

Hi Bill!

On Fri, 2011-06-10 at 18:30 +0000, Bill Nottingham wrote:
> > - Are there additional screens we'd need before we display the hub? (So
> > far in IRC we've come up with potentially adding a language selection
> > screen as the very first screen)
> Does 'language' here mean UI language + input language + keymap/keyboard, etc.?
> I.e., is this just moving the 'localization' screen before the main hub &
> spoke UI?

Today in IRC we talked through the following:

- Up front the first screen you'll see will just ask you what language
you'd like (default to English, but lets you pick other languages
written in their native name) The languages offered will be the
languages the Anaconda UI has translations for.

- The Anaconda UI will then load the corresponding translation so moving
forward the UI will be in the language you picked up-front.

- When you get to the hub, there will be two much smaller items in the
list than there are in the current mockup:

  - One for picking language (just the language tab of the current
control center locale applet) - we provide this so you don't have to
reboot to change your mind about the language you want to install (I
think maybe it should determine both the language the Anaconda UI is
presented in, and the language that's installed if that language is
available for install)

  - One for picking keyboard layout (the keyboard layout tab of the
current control center locale app) - and it'll default to the layout
that makes most sense for the selected language (how it does this is
voodoo to me atm)

I guess in actuality there are 3 language-y things to choose here:

A - What language is the Anaconda UI displayed in

B - What language do you want to be the default post-install?

C - What layout is your keyboard in for Anaconda UI and post-install

And I think we are merging A & C to mean the same thing.
> > - What key features that happen pre-install do we need here? 
> >  
> >   (so far, I think it's install vs upgrade, all the storage stuff.... and ?)
> Well, what is the purpose here? To only ask what's required for
> installation, and do all other configuration post-install? Would this other
> configuration be at firstboot/InitialSetup, or after installation but before
> rebooting?
> Given that an installation can take a reasonably large amount of time, many
> people like the idea of fire&forget - once you hit the 'Install' button, it
> does not ask for anything else until it's finished entirely and is usable.
> If we go down that road, then we would want more configuration done
> pre-install, even if it's not necessarily needed for install.

Well, there are certainly at least four ways to go here:

1 - Only ask stuff required for install pre-install. Fire & forgot, come
back after you've gone to the kitchen and had a snack, and fill out
firstboot. (Pretty much what happens today.)

2 - Only ask stuff required for install pre-install, while the install
progresses, ask the stuff needed post-install (this is apparently what
ubuntu does) Reboot and you're ready-to-go. If you're doing OEM
pre-loaded installs you put some flag in the KS so that firstboot will
start up and ask the questions that would have been asked during the
actual install progress.

3 - Ask everything pre-install. Fire & forget, come back and your
machine is done done. Same option for OEMs as in #2. 

4 - Maybe a combo of 1 & 2 - you can skip the questions that pop up
during the install progress and opt to complete them later (in which
case you'll see firstboot) Same option for OEMs as in #2. 

I think it's most important to figure out which pre-install stuff
(especially for special case scenarios) is essential to ask up front
that the mockups don't cover yet.

The other stuff - I'm not sure we've really made a solid decision on
what approach is best. I kind of like 4 best because I feel like neither
camp of user (I just want to be done in one go vs. I'd rather fire &
forget ASAP) would have an issue with it. 


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