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Re: Anaconda UX redesign / status update

On 06/10/2011 02:06 PM, Máirín Duffy wrote:
Hi folks!

We've been ramping back up on the UI redesign discussions for Anaconda
that we'd originally had in Tempe back in January [1, 2] over the past
2-3 weeks so I wanted to:

* Provide some status on how that's going so far

* Introduce you to the designers involved

* Outline a design approach for to continuing to move forward

* Kindly ask for your feedback :)

It´s organized into smaller chunks hopefully for better readability:


First, there are a couple of places the designers working on this are
going to be posting stuff:

- WIKI PAGE https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Anaconda/UX_Redesign  This is
the main UX redesign wiki page, which is a bit messy at the moment but
I'm hoping over time we'll get it in order.

- DESIGN REPO http://linuxgrrl.com/fedora-ux/Projects/Anaconda/ This is
a shared file space Joseph, Owen, and I are using to collaborate on
mockups (via Sparkleshare). Mockups will land here first,  before we
use them to put together spec documents (like this one [3]) If you'd
like to use git to pull it down, you can clone:


(let me know if you want commit access. I'll need your FAS username.)


Secondly, the approach we're looking at is to swap Anaconda's current
wizard-style, linear screen-by-screen interface with a hub-and-spoke
model. (a lot of mobile devices have hub and spoke style settings
interfaces, more info on the model at [4]).

Here is the latest hub-and-spoke mockup - consider the storage portion
pretty much not started yet:


The kind of feedback that would be helpful, looking at this mockup:

- Do you think the hub&  spoke model could work?

Looks reasonable to me.

- Are there additional screens we'd need before we display the hub? (So
far in IRC we've come up with potentially adding a language selection
screen as the very first screen)

One that may or may not come up is the ability for RHEL to display a EULA screen at the beginning of installation. Right now this lives in firstboot, which makes little since as you've already installed the produce by then. I've been talking with legal on where we should move this...possibly even just having RHN own the EULA acceptance screen entirely, but I would like for us to have the ability integrated in to our redesign.

- What key features that happen pre-install do we need here?

   (so far, I think it's install vs upgrade, all the storage stuff.... and ?)

- Anything else you can think of, honestly.

One that Chris Lumens is most interested in removing is our current package selection interface. Changing that to what we had been calling a "spin selector" but is essentially just canned installations for Desktop, Development, and so on.

Chris is currently on PTO, so I'll let him comment on that when he gets back.

An idea that I thought would be interesting would be to allow people to do either the spin selection thing -or- provide a kickstart file (via the network, via a USB flash drive, etc) that we then use the %packages section from. To me that seems like we could handle the cases where people want the finegrained package control, but we've reduced the installer to having as simple of an interface as possible while still giving usable installed systems.

Another thing worth considering is a location screen over the time zone screen. This was filed as an RFE initially and I moved it to the anaconda feature planning wiki today:


Taking an approach similar to Ubuntu where we ask for the user's location and then use that information to determine time zone, maybe langauge, and maybe keyboard. Or at least the default values.


I´m serving as the lead designer of the project, with some help from
other Fedora design team members:

- Joseph Reni (gejoreni on IRC), who is putting together a user
research plan for both an informal study interviewing users and
a more formal one sitting in front of a system running through
an actual install.

- Owen Coutts (ocoutts on IRC) who is going to be working with me on the
mockups and developing user stories.

- Elad Alfassa (elad661 on IRC) who is a member of the websites team and a
Hebrew translator for Fedora; he´s been reviewing the mockups from a
localization POV as well as helping with the storage section.

Thank you all for working on this project!

David Cantrell <dcantrell redhat com>
Supervisor, Installer Engineering Team
Red Hat, Inc. | Westford, MA | EST5EDT

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