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Re: Anaconda UX redesign / status update

David Cantrell (dcantrell redhat com) said: 
> >- What key features that happen pre-install do we need here?
> >
> >   (so far, I think it's install vs upgrade, all the storage stuff.... and ?)
> >
> >- Anything else you can think of, honestly.
> One that Chris Lumens is most interested in removing is our current
> package selection interface.  Changing that to what we had been
> calling a "spin selector" but is essentially just canned
> installations for Desktop, Development, and so on.
> Chris is currently on PTO, so I'll let him comment on that when he
> gets back.

Ideally, this would be designed in concert with any work for
post-install package selection (via gpk-app, etc.), so that we
have a consistent, coherent interface as much as possible.

(And if we do go down this road, essentially dropping one of the
larger functions of comps, we may need to revisit how the groups
are organized there.)


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