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[PATCH] squashfs patches for lorax

Blarg, I forgot to do git send-email --compose! Anyway...

This patch series adds support for creating images that are compressed
with squashfs. They're slightly larger than straight cpio images (For
F15 images, 95M -> 122M) but they use vastly less RAM and start up much

Additionally, they boot using dracut (like the normal system and live
images) so we can set up all sorts of crazy pre-boot stuff for debugging
etc. That's nice!

I've ported this code to F15-era lorax and tested the resulting F15
images; they boot and install just fine, at least on largemem systems.
There's some other F15 bug affecting my KVM installs right now, but I'm
nearly certain they'd work fine.

There's a scratch build of the squashified F15 lorax here:

Let me know what you think,


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