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Re: Anaconda UX redesign / status update

> Given that an installation can take a reasonably large amount of time, many
> people like the idea of fire&forget - once you hit the 'Install' button, it
> does not ask for anything else until it's finished entirely and is usable.
> If we go down that road, then we would want more configuration done
> pre-install, even if it's not necessarily needed for install.
> Bill

Hi Bill, I'm just an advanced user, but still a user, and have
organizes lots of Fedora and Ubuntu install parties in last few years
and I must say that one feedback I got from other users - they vastly
prefer Ubuntu installer over Fedora installer, and especially the
parallel part of Ubuntu live CD installer. Doing installation in
parallel with asking users questions is what all of ones I asked
preferred. We usually have around 10-50 people (split into groups of
10-15) on each install party.

Hope this feedback helps you and others to make Anaconda installer
great. Keep up the good work you all do.


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