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Re: Anaconda UX redesign / status update

> One that Chris Lumens is most interested in removing is our current
> package selection interface.  Changing that to what we had been
> calling a "spin selector" but is essentially just canned
> installations for Desktop, Development, and so on.

Yes, I'm interested in doing something to group/package selection.  At
the most basic level, I'd like to just remove the individual package
selection dialogs and only allow for group selection.  At some higher
level, perhaps we can completely rethink how we do this.  One idea there
was the spin selector, but it always gets mired in the fact that spins
aren't really all that well defined.

> An idea that I thought would be interesting would be to allow people
> to do either the spin selection thing -or- provide a kickstart file
> (via the network, via a USB flash drive, etc) that we then use the
> %packages section from.  To me that seems like we could handle the
> cases where people want the finegrained package control, but we've
> reduced the installer to having as simple of an interface as
> possible while still giving usable installed systems.

Personally, spin selector always seemed the nicest to me.  But I'm sure
you've heard the problems with it in the past.

A kickstart file selector might be an interesting way of providing
canned package selections, and we wouldn't even need to expose to the
user that they were picking kickstart files.  This is kind of tied up
with spin selector in that spin livecds are defined with a kickstart
file.  If only they didn't do such ridiculous stuff in the scripts, we
might just be able to take their %package sections.

Above all, we wouldn't want anaconda to own these kickstart files.

> Another thing worth considering is a location screen over the time
> zone screen.  This was filed as an RFE initially and I moved it to
> the anaconda feature planning wiki today:
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Anaconda/Features/LocationQuestion

Yes, we've talked about doing this kind of thing before and I think it's
a good idea.

- Chris

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