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Re: [rhel6-branch 2/2] Keep dracut settings in sets instead of many long strings.

On 06/20/2011 07:11 PM, Brian C. Lane wrote:
I don't like using 'string' here since it could be a module name.
Admittedly, one that shouldn't be used.

I renamed it to 'setup_arg'.

I'd also like to see dracutSetupString() renamed to something like
dracutSetupArgs() -- I was a bit confused as to what was happening since
I thought the return value was a string, not a set.

Right, renamed to dracutSetupArgs everywhere.

These changes are fairly extensive, so it would probably be a good idea
to cover them with some unit tests to make sure something hasn't been

I thought about that but it is split over several modules and needs a lot of different objects to be instantiated and none of them are under the test harness yet. Perhaps on master once the bootloader has unit tests.


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