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Re: UX Redesign: Dual Boots / Resize issues / Saving KS

2011/6/22 Máirín Duffy <duffy fedoraproject org>
On Wed, 2011-06-22 at 10:02 -0700, Owen Coutts wrote:
> Boot camp is actually a free utility that comes with OSX. Its designed
> towards making windows work on a mac. Boot camp has two important
> parts, one is the interface in OSX that allows you to resize HFS/HFS+
> file systems, the second is the changes to the boot sequence that
> allow a user go into a non apple operating system.
> rEFIt tends to work better it you want to customize things. It also
> provides some basic tools when things aren't going well.

Do you think folks would be understanding if we chose Boot Camp as the
tool of choice for installing Fedora with or would they be upset about

I don't know enough about the benefits/drawbacks. I usually only use rEFIt in addition when boot camp fails but that means I usually use rEFIt.


Owen Coutts

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