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Re: [master] Keep dracut settings in sets instead of many long strings.

On 06/22/2011 04:30 PM, Chris Lumens wrote:
+            if hasattr(cfg_obj, "dracutSetupArgs"):
+                setup_args = cfg_obj.dracutSetupArgs()
+                self.boot_args.update(setup_args)
+                self.dracut_args.update(setup_args)
+            else:
+                setup_string = cfg_obj.dracutSetupString()
+                self.boot_args.add(setup_string)
+                self.dracut_args.add(setup_string)

Does this mean you're leaving some dracutSetupString methods around?
If so, why not convert them as well.  If not, is this just code you had
in for testing?

- Chris

Yes, one, the keyboard because I don't have control over it, it's in system-config-keybaord. What I was going to do is push this patch, open a bugzilla against sc-keyboard that the API has changed and once it is resolved I can remove the branching in bootloader.py. This way nothing ever gets broken.

Hope that's OK.


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