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Re: UX Redesign: Dual Boots / Resize issues / Saving KS

2011/6/23 Máirín Duffy <duffy fedoraproject org>
Jon Masters <jonathan jonmasters org> wrote:
>Right. It doesn't matter which one is officially supported, I'm only
>going to use rEFIt on my own Mac systems :)
If rEFIt is the preferred way for tech-savvy Mac users, maybe our clever Bootcamp partition detection idea could be supplemented with some kind of rEFIt partition auto-detect? It sounds like a more technical tool though so maybe its partitions aren't as easy to sniff out as Bootcamp's are.

What kind of state does rEFIt typically leave your storage in for the OSX/Fedora dual boot case, and how should anacondas storage UI handle it?
I've usually used bootcamp to deal with the storage and rEFIt to replace the default EFI. My guess is that the storage would look exactly the same but I'm not sure. Jon how do you deal with the partitions? Or do you blow everything away?

(Is anybody using rEFIt for dual boot here or are you guys doing a total wipe? Can you do a total wipe w Anaconda on a Mac or are there complications?)
You can do a total wipe if you have rEFIt installed. The default EFI isn't to pleased if you blow away OSX.

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