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[master] create wireless connections specified in multiple kickstart network commands

This patch gives anaconda ability to create multiple wireless connections specified in kickstart network
commands. I think there is a use case when it could be useful -- installing Fedora/RHEL/MeeGo etc. in some
company/school with wireless networking specified already in kickstart.

I know it is a lot of code bringing little benefit to Anaconda, but it needs only few more lines to be able
to also activate newly created connection -- this will be needed when there will be no loader.

There is a problem that has to be solved for this patch to work. If there are more network commands in
kickstart, all except the first one must have --device specified (otherwise we face troubles in loader) and
pykickstart is checking network commands for duplicates considering two commands to be the same when they have
same --device value. So without any change users would be able to use this functionality only by using some
"made up devices". Or duplicate checking can be removed from pykickstart for network commands (proposed
patch). I find the latter way better because I think it should be the responsibility of the code which is
using pykickstart to handle these situations. Pykickstart shouldn't set these constraints if it is meant to be
more widely used (not only in Anaconda) which I'd expect since it's a standalone package. Or the "must have
--device specified" condition could be removed. We definitely can decide whether the connection is ethernet or
wireless and if the users want to have this connection configured for particular device they can specify it.

Any suggestions? Of course we can leave this patch not applied but as I mentioned formerly I think it could be useful.

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