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Re: [rhel6-branch] Pulsing progress bar instead of the static popup during device discovery.

> On machines with hundreds of devices Anaconda looks dead during device
> discovery. Having a proper progress bar would be cooler but we don't know
> how many devices will be there altogether.

How much does the progress indicator bounce back and forth?  Is it
really crazy, or fairly controlled?

> diff --git a/storage/devicetree.py b/storage/devicetree.py
> index b419026..0dc657f 100644
> --- a/storage/devicetree.py
> +++ b/storage/devicetree.py
> @@ -2034,7 +2034,7 @@ class DeviceTree(object):
>          return ret
> -    def populate(self):
> +    def populate(self, progressWindow):
>          """ Locate all storage devices. """
>          log.debug("DeviceTree.populate: ignoredDisks is %s ; exclusiveDisks is %s"
>                      % (self._ignoredDisks, self.exclusiveDisks))

For master, I suggest making progressWindow=None the default and
adapting the rest of the patch to that.  Remember that we can import
storage as a library elsewhere, and we won't always want to pass in an
interface component.  I'm thinking of anaconda-cleanup and the storage
test code here.

- Chris

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