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Re: Network: port of rhel patches to master

On 02/28/2011 07:00 PM, Chris Lumens wrote:
Kickstart patches and [03, 10-13/13] may need a second eye,
other stuff should be safe, almost the same as on rhel6-branch.
The kickstart patches look fine.

They are against F15, to push them on master, I should
probably wait for F16 classes, no?

Is this networking behavior documented anywhere and if not, could you
work on that?  One problem I always have in reviewing these patches is I
can no longer keep track of how things are supposed to act.

I am keeping track of it here:

I want to update wikis (boot opts, kickstart), I suppose
they should reflect last release, not rawhide, right?
I am a bit hesitating to update Installation Guide and
wikis only to change them in the next release (F16)
because I don't think these changes can make it into F15,
but it should be done anyway I guess.

I will use this 6.1 Installation Guide update as base for
Fedora update:

Thanks for the review,


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