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Re: [PATCH master] Anaconda processing 'bootif' value of kickstart network --device fixed (#681803)

On 03/04/2011 11:46 AM, Vratislav Podzimek wrote:
  pyanaconda/kickstart.py |    8 ++++++++
  1 files changed, 8 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

diff --git a/pyanaconda/kickstart.py b/pyanaconda/kickstart.py
index 3123dc3..4c9fcca 100644
--- a/pyanaconda/kickstart.py
+++ b/pyanaconda/kickstart.py
@@ -600,6 +600,14 @@ class NetworkData(commands.network.F8_NetworkData):
                       (device, msg))
              device = self.device
+        # If 'bootif' value of network --device is used use MAC address
+        # from cmdline remove "01-" from start and edit value for further
+        # processing
+        if self.device.lower() == "bootif":

We should check here that the cmdline "BOOTIF" option
really exists so that we don't traceback if it isn't so.
In that case we should probably set device to 'bootif' so
that following lookup fails and exception is raised.

+            device = flags.cmdline["BOOTIF"][3:]
+            device = device.replace("-",":")
+            log.info("bootif in kickstart used, transforming to MAC address")

          # If we were given a network device name, grab the device object.
          # If we were given a MAC address, resolve that to a device name

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