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Re: [PATCH 1/2] Don't fatal_error if remounting root read-write fails

> > As long as mount(2) isn't marked with warn_unused_result, ACK to both of
> > these.  For what it's worth, I've gotten rid of all this stuff on my
> > no-init branch (though, that's a long ways from being merged in).
> I applied these patches to f15-branch and everything built and ran OK -
> I guess warn_unused_result would have resulted in compile failure?


> Anyway, as mentioned on IRC, these patches are intended for master, but
> they're also groundwork for the anaconda-as-squashfs-live-image stuff. 
> If memory usage becomes an F15 blocker we might need to cherry-pick them
> both into f15-branch, once the lorax patches are ready.

Okay, let's wait to see what the whole set looks like and then if it's
acceptable, we'll cherry-pick them all to f15-branch all at once.

- Chris

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