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Re: No root user


  Martin Gracik

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> On Tue, Mar 29, 2011 at 04:03:14AM -1000, David Cantrell wrote:
> > Firstboot's add user step should require either setting the root
> > password
> > or adding at least one user. If the latter, the user added should
> > have
> > sudo enabled for the account. If a root password is set, the sudo
> > part
> > should be optional. This all sounds similar to what was discussed
> > before.
> In f15 the wheel group has been enabled for sudo access and firstboot
> in
> f15 has a checkbox to add the user as an administrator (wheel group).
> The one place I am concerned with is interactive minimal installs
> where
> no GUI is installed. There is no firstboot, so you need to be able to
> setup root.

Right, also if anything goes wrong and firstboot does not start,
you cannot login to the system at all, because you don't even have
a root password. What I personaly would like to see is a create
user screen in anaconda *instead* of the root password screen, so
the number of screens will not increase.
This way, even without firstboot, there's no problem with gdm login,
and all the firstboot screens are more optional. In the present state
the create user screen in firstboot is mandatory to have a properly
working system.

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