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RE: rescue mode doest active lvm

> From: Sérgio Basto [mailto:sergio serjux com]
> Sent: 18 April 2012 17:56
> To: Development discussions related to Fedora
> Cc: anaconda-devel-list redhat com
> Subject: Re: rescue mode doest active lvm
> Hi after read documentation
> http://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-
> US/Fedora/16/html/Installation_Guide/ap-rescuemode.html
> seems that assume that lvm is active on process, but booting with
> boot.iso , lvm is not activated in boot process.
> so without do lvm vgchange -a y
> we can't see any /dev/mapper/...
> So look it is a but and I want reported but I don't know what is
> component that involved rescue mode.
> so Can someone help me ?
> On Tue, 2012-04-17 at 15:38 +0100, Sérgio Basto wrote:
> > Hi,
> > from http://fedorasolved.org/Members/zcat/shrink-lvm-for-new-
> partition
> > "Boot into rescue mode and on the last step make sure to SKIP
> mounting
> > your filesystems under /mnt/sysimage
> > Activate LVM
> >   * lvm vgchange -a y"
> >
> >
> > If I boot into rescue mode at the not skip mounting, I got a message
> > that can't find any partitions, because they is an lvm .
> >
> > why in recuse mode, lvm is not Activated ?
> >
> > I check with F17 boot.iso and also the same with F16 boot.iso .
> >
> > Thanks,

I don't know about Fedora 16 or 17, but in CentOS, this is how it works:

  - If you select 'Continue' it will issue 'vgchange -ay' and try to mount your Linux installation
  - If you select 'Skip', it will not issue 'vgchange -ay'

If you have a problem with your system and 'Continue' does not mount anything, look in the directory /dev/mapper.  Are there any files there?  If not, try 'vgchange -ay'.  Do you get any errors?  Do files appear in /dev/mapper?

Another useful rescue command is 'fdisk -l'.  That will show you whether the system can find any disk drives at all, and what partitions it thinks are on them.

“To err is human; to purr, feline.”

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