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InstallFedoraButton gnome-shell extension for LiveCD


I have created a small gnome-shell extension that adds a button on the top bar that launches anaconda installation. The objective is to make Anaconda more discoverable on a standard Fedora LiveCD, because currently that is very hard. The code is available here:


It has been discussed on devel list:


and most people agreed such an extension would be a great improvement.

I believe the easiest path is to make this extension part of anaconda. It's basically a different way of desktop-integration of the installer. Just like you have anaconda.desktop file inside your source code, and also some scripts to show the installer icon on desktop in most desktop environments (/etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc.d/zz-liveinst.sh), this is an integration to Gnome 3, which has prohibited desktop icons (I know, "it's their problem", but we need some solution for our users). Since Gnome is a default Fedora desktop, and not a niche one, I'd be very glad if you could make it part of anaconda.

There are no modifications in anaconda needed. My idea is to include it in some arbitrary path inside /usr/share/anaconda, e.g. /usr/share/anaconda/gnome-shell. Then we would put code in /etc/rc.d/init.d/livesys on LiveCD that would copy the extension from /usr/share/anaconda/gnome-shell to /usr/share/gnome-shell/extensions/. I have provided a patch for spin-kickstarts in the aforementioned git repo.

The benefits of this approach:
1. the extension does not influence any desktop environment by default, it's placed just inside anaconda directory
2. we copy it to the relevant directory and enable it just on LiveCD, it will not be present on the installed system
3. the only change needed in anaconda is to include three small files in a new directory, no other changes needed

The extension is very simple, 60 lines. I am willing to maintain it for future Gnome releases, if some API is changed and adjustments are needed. Also there were some plans mentioned on the devel list that could make this extension not needed in one or two Fedora releases, so maybe it's just temporary. But I'd be very glad if we could make it part of Fedora 17, it's really needed.

What do you say?


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