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Re: lots of feedback on the test-list

> It would be a shame if the Anaconda feedback went unnoticed just
> because the developers are not subscribed to that list. I recommend
> all of you to subscribe to test-list, or at least read the archives
> periodically, to see what parts of NewUI are the most problematic ones
> for our users. Your response to some of the questions would also be
> appreciated.

Sorry, but no.  I have unsubscribed from that list.  The level of
vitriol and personal attacks on there is just too high for me to deal
with.  I don't need to spend my days reading people who refuse to
participate dump on the last fifteen months of my hard work.

Perhaps one day if Fedora cleans up its lists and actually enforces the
"be excellent to each other" thing, I can resubscribe.  But for now,
it's a quality of life thing and I don't need this.

- Chris

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