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Re: lots of feedback on the test-list

On Mon, 2012-12-03 at 15:50 -0500, David Cantrell wrote:

> > Once we explain the layout I think people get it, but they're definitely
> > not understanding it when they see it.
> Yes, but it's also people who are thinking along the lines of the old
> installer.  Mo put it well to me one day, the top down thinking is just
> really new and difficult for people to grok.  Almost all complaints I've
> seen mention "the partition device names aren't even there!" or something
> like that, which to me says they are trying to understand the new UI in
> terms of the old UI.  What we need to communicate to everyone is that you
> don't really need to deal with all of the details like you used to.  

Yes, this is true, and I think we all agree on it. I just want to make
sure we don't use it as a free pass: it may be the case that it's not
really inherently any more confusing than a device-based layout and
device-based layouts are just what people are used to, but we have to
respect that fact. As pointed out in the forums, it's not just oldUI
that was a device-based layout: pretty much every GUI partitioning tool
anyone can think of - whether within an OS installer or standalone, like
gparted - has taken the 'device-based',
'essentially-just-a-parted-GUI-wrapper' approach. It may be 'just what
people are used to', but they really are used to it. All of them. So
there's a fairly strong burden on us, as the ones trying to Do Something
Different, to both make our Different thing worth the effort, and
minimize the effort just as much as we possibly can.

> Any of
> the following, for example:
>     * Updated install guide
>     * Video walk-throughs
>     * Reviews (the ones I've seen I like)

I know the install guide is being worked on, and we can try to 'prime'
reviewers for the new design (this is always an important thing to do -
it'd be great to co-ordinate with the publicity folks on that, and with
my completely unofficial 'guy who posts on all the forums' hat on, I'm
in touch with a lot of reviewers, so I can do some of this too if I find

But I do think we can improve things within the design itself as well.
Like I said on IRC, the conclusion isn't 'this layout isn't working,
ABORT ABORT ABORT', but the conclusion may be 'if we put our thinking
caps on we can probably come up with ways to refine the design so it's
more discoverable and less scary'.

> The content like this that I've seen is good.  And I appreciate everyone who
> is standing up for the installer team.  You guys are helping out a lot.
> I understand that people are frustrated because the new UI is different, but
> I also see people pointed at explanations, diagrams, reviews, or other forms
> of question answering and they come back with a 'thanks!' and/or compliment
> on the new UI....*combined with* a short list of UI tweaks they suggest.  If
> we can filter out the loud screaming of the initial response, often times
> people either like it as is or have a small number of suggestions.

Adam Williamson
Fedora QA Community Monkey
IRC: adamw | Twitter: AdamW_Fedora | identi.ca: adamwfedora

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