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usability lab on DevConf in Brno

Some of you might be visiting DevConf [1] in February 2013 in Brno. I heard there would be some Anaconda talks.

I was contacted by Ben Levenson who's trying to make sure we have enough of interesting QA-related talks and labs. One of his ideas is to set up a usability lab for Anaconda NewUI and he asked me to contact you.

The idea is that we would have a set of goals we would ask people to achieve, and we would watch them how they handle the task. There might be interesting outcomes related to different program dialogs/screens and how different people cope with them. Of course if you have other ideas how the lab should work, in can be done another way.

The audience on that conference is mainly technical, lots of Red Hatters, but there is a high chance of involvement also from university students and other not-as-technical people. Probably most of the attendees have installed some OS in the past, but I think we might get some people who installed only Windows or Ubuntu, nothing else (some of them might be even Red Hatters, hah, we're not all Linux developers). It might be interesting to see them tackle with Anaconda.

The main question is whether you would like to implement this idea. Our local Fedora QA team is willing to help you in any ways with preparation and execution of this lab.

It would be great to have some answers by the end of the next week.


[1] http://devconf.cz/

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