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Re: Enterprise storage support in Anaconda for 18

> Also: cleech, Mike Christie and I have been discussing libiscsi. Mike
> wants a from-scratch rewrite. If Chris, myself (and whoever else is
> interested in pitching in) can make the new lib ('libiscsiadm') a
> development priority and have it ready in time for Anaconda to use it,
> that'd be pretty cool.
> There seem to already be some good lists of Anaconda's iscsi config
> requirements.. How soon would libiscsiadm need to be ready for F19
> Anaconda to use it?

The F19 schedule indicates they will branch around the end of February.
We would probably need a couple weeks before that to do anything with a
new library, so probably around the end of January.

With the holiday shutdown (assuming you guys are in the US), that's
looking pretty tight.  So I would totally understand if you weren't able
to meet that deadline.  There's always F20.

- Chris

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