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Re: Anaconda threads and Yum with rpm backend

> Yum:
> - yum could be modified to for a new process for the RPM transaction and use stdin/out for status reporting.
> - this would keep API for other apps using Yum (and would be the cleanest solution as far as I can tell)
> Anaconda:
> - we could workaround this by forking a child process with the Yum call and do the same thing
> - this would fix only anaconda and wold be essentially workarounding a behaviour of a library we do  not directly use

Ouch.  Well, I would definitely prefer this to be fixed outside of
anaconda.  However, realistically we're probably stuck for F18.  So I
guess no matter what happens in the future, we've got to come up with
something for now.

My answer largely depends on the answer to this question:  What's the
last thing happening in the anaconda packaging thread before the chroot
happens?  I'm trying to get some idea of how much communication takes
place between the packaging thread and others.  If it's not much, we're
in luck.  If it's a lot, we're in trouble.

- Chris

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