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Re: requirement to (re)format volumes when installing

> No-one installs OS X from scratch, really, 

I do it on every Apple *Mac that I obtain (several over the last decade.)
Run the default setup for its entertainment value, quit in the middle,
re-partition to allow 10GB for use by "foreign" systems, plus separate
OS X System from Users [data] partition, install OS X from scratch.
This strongly encourages the creation of recovery media, too.

> so forget about that.
> Windows is very keen on formatting disks, or at least was last time I
> checked it. You had to go into an advanced dialog to do anything other
> than let it have its way with an entire disk. 

I've done this 3 times in the last year; it is obvious and easy.
Use gparted LiveCD to partition the drive and format one partition as NTFS
(mostly so that _I_ can tell which one it is when Windows lists them all),
boot Windows install DVD, select the advanced dialog, choose the partition,
let Windows reformat that partition and install.

> From all my considerable
> experience, Linux distros generally let you do whatever you like in some
> way or other, and usually default to formatting an existing disk or
> using free space. I can't think of one which 'defaults' to re-using
> existing partitions.

In Debian installer text mode (ncurses character-cell graphics)
I find it quite easy to select an existing partition as root (or
/home, or ...).  Again, I use gparted LiveCD (plus parted
in an xterm for special assignments) to get the layout that I want,
then run d-i.


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