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Re: Hostname setting in UI?

On 12/10/2012 08:32 PM, Chris Lumens wrote:
we still don't have hostname setting in new UI. There is a bz
for f18:

Originally it was placed on user account screen mockup:

but we need to set it before storage is applied as it is used
for default LV and perhaps RAID names. So obviously network spoke
comes up to mind. Still, in case network is up we skip standalone
network spoke.

How would we guide user to set hostname first if he wants to have his
LVs named accordingly? Perhaps some hint in partitioning spoke?
Some ideas:

(1) We could add it to the network spoke, make it required, and then
display the network spoke up front if DHCP didn't give us a hostname.
The biggest problem I see with this is making the hostname entry widget
obvious enough that the user knows that's what we are asking for.

(2) Have the hostname entry widget on the storage spoke somehow.  We
could have it be an entry on the initial spoke, or perhaps on the
"you're all set!" set of dialogs.  I don't really care for this idea
since hostname isn't obviously related to storage.

(3) If the only reason we need hostname is for LV/RAID names, perhaps we
could include the entry next to the combo where you pick
lvm/raid/standard/btrfs.  This is really not discoverable, though, and I
think users probably want to be able to enter the hostname for more
reasons than this.

(4) Could we somehow prompt for it on the second hub and then fill that
information in to storage?  This would be very complicated for error
checking, and would result in the user getting stuck on the progress hub
while we wait for them to enter hostname.  That might not be obvious at

I guess of those four suggestions, (1) is the one I dislike the least.
Maybe someone else has better ideas.

I'd add it to the network spoke, but I am not sure about making
it required. Let's just offer the option for the start. I imagine
network spoke with something like

/!\ you don't have hostname set

could bother many users.

I don't like the idea of having hostname entry in storage UI either,
I think just making user aware that the hostname is used with
hint of where to set it could be enough.


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